What is OpenCart?

In order to have web shop made with minimal time and effort, then OpenCart is the solution you’re looking for. You will have plenty of options available right from the box. Using the user–friendly and uncomplicated OpenCart admin user interface, you will have your web store completely ready almost instantly.

With OpenCart, it will be easy to add an unlimited amount of products, with a review for each and every one. The web app supports a multitude of currencies, with new ones being added in with each and every new edition. You’ll notice 20 diverse payment gateways supported, from PayPal to Klarna, and also there are actually 8 transport methods available. And if you are in search of more, it is easy to extend the core capability with one of the multiple completely free add–ons that are offered for OpenCart.

OpenCart is a trademark of OpenCart Limited and is not affiliated with Its EayOK Hosting.

OpenCart–Optimized Linux Cloud Packages Services

In order to help you to kickstart your web shop, we can automatically install and set up OpenCart on your behalf, right at signup. With our OpenCart Linux cloud packages services, com domain for just $12.00 for your online shop.

Its EayOK Hosting’s OpenCart Linux cloud packages solutions are prepared for just about any load. We’ve developed a tailor–made cloud hosting system, built atop top–of–the–line hardware, which enables us to guarantee a 99.9% uptime for your OpenCart store. Additionally, each of our OpenCart–designed Linux cloud packages packages gives you unrestricted disk space, infinite traffic and limitless MySQL database storage space allocations. Thus, you don’t need to panic about your Linux cloud packages and you’re able to concentrate absolutely on your website. And if you come upon any challenges, our tech support staff is available 24/7, happy to help you.

A Point & Click Web Control Panel

When you run web shop, the less time you spend on your hosting Control Panel and the more time you devote on your website and also on your web visitors – the better. Which is why, we’ve created a Web Control Panel that allows you to make everything in a simple manner.

You will be able to take care of your domain names, your websites and your payment transactions from a single place, no need for additional billing panels. Any time you sign in, we will supply you with live stats for your own web site. Along with our intuitive, easy to navigate interface, you are able to relocate all of the parts of the Control Panel in seconds. We’ve also included numerous free resources and bonuses, that you can make full use of. With the Online Statistics Manager, you will be able to see all of your website traffic numbers at any moment, never having to include any tracking codes to your web site. By using our Website Accelerators, it will be easy to make your website blazing–fast.